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Philosophy doesn't normally help anyone to run a shop, apart from perhaps in a more discreet way, so getting this workshop scenario up and running has required some thought ( and I hope it's the thought that counts ) processes that I'm not used to.  After pushing myself to the limit yet again in the software environment it has eventually come to my attention that anything purchased through these channels should be available for immediate dispatch.  So on this page I have representations only for what is available right now.  I favour shatterproof cases, cello-wrap, and I have plenty of postal packets ready, although I'm hoping the delivery agents and postal workers can also listen to their favourite music at their own prerogative.  You never know, maybe a virus resistant youngster could feel the urge to share some chemistry knowledge.  Or perhaps there is a substance to be extracted from snails.  Now that really would make snail mail look good.

All I am trying to say , particularly if you live in England, is that I can have your purchased item in the post on the same day as your order.  What better treat could there be than more timeless harmonies at the click of a button ?  Additionally I want to emphasize that any purchasing transaction is secure as we use paypal.  One more thing, in all probability our stock will gradually accumulate, particularly in light of the fact that the best websites don't really do minimalism.

You might also be interested to learn that every once in a while I make a custom CD that is not officially on our books.  I have amended the table on my current business philosophy page to reflect that.  If you really wanted one of those collectable custom CDs, please get in touch (excuse the pun ).  And remember, a five minute decision can yet lead to life long harmony.  Buy your Chasson Rouel CD today