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Praise a Daisy

Verse 1      People, they know what to do,

They’re looking at you,

And there’s a reason,

Though we speak it not,

You know,

You know what to do,

Look at people

And you may keep all that you may find

Chorus       Praise a,


If he’s lazy,

He could be crazy,

Verse 2     Where is

The little money I spent

On my bicycle

He’s run off with it,

They know,

I use the same path they do,

I’m slightly older

Than a school kid

Chorus       Praise a


If he’s lazy,

He could be crazy

Verse 3      One day,

I’ will earn enough to buy a car,

And we can go some where,

Some where we may find,

With you my looour-king glass under-water,

You there - Hooh



©1997 Jason Romanenko

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