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Get Up and Be

I want to get up and be

A speeding train

Cause I got




On my brain

I want to get up and be

A Rocket to Mars

Cause you’ve gathered

In your smile all the stars

Caution I’ve thrown

To the wind to disperse

In this thing called love

I’ve put my trust

You’ve taken root

In my heart

That with each pulse

I branch to the top

Higher and higher

- I don’t know the meaning

of the word stop

I want to get up and be

Current through the wires

Give you a ring -

Dial your number with my desire

I want to get up and be

And be the light, the sun light

Shining through your window

Wake you up each morning

With a warm glow

Get up and be (*4)

Copyright © 2012 H. Talreja & Jason Romanenko

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