Welcome to this selection of authentic, original music in staff notation form.  Each piece has the detail of multiple phrasing and different instrument parts which are meant to be played together using for the most part, bass with accompaniment.  All the pieces include the bass notation, apart from the ‘Alfirk Study No 2’ which has those notes combined into one stave.  ‘Dominion Earth’ as I originally wrote it is suitable for a brass quintet or sextet, or other experimental formations, however my recommendation for that piece is six or more trumpets.  ‘Artefact of Light’, ‘Motion of the Stars’, ‘Tabular Record’ and 'Ambient Starlight' each have harmony parts which are suited to clear divisions between orchestral sections, however it is the balance (mix) which would make the most impact particularly when performing a recital.  These pieces are open to any organised orchestra for exploration, particularly the local.  As I mentioned, apart from the bass, the other parts can be shared between the brass, wind and strings, although the clarinet and flute complement each other well.  There are no tricky tempos here, only firm rhythm, although that’s indicated with the time signature.  To view the staff notation of any of these, just click on your selection.  I hope you find these titles interesting.  I spend ages thinking them up.
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