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Freedom Will Be

Mindy Kerc

The Machine Song

We Belong Together

The Day the Song Became


Making Me Glad

More is the Ocean

New Yo-yo

Space the Moon In-between

Edge Maker

Berjinga Rock

Not Ragga

Rising Star

Spanish Prussia

When you Hold Me Tight

Praise a Daisy

Across the Desert

Dance of the Dunes

Is the future

Rocket in Flight

You are my Feeling

Heaven in this Oasis

Vision the Stars


Reading Light

Talking About Moon and Stars

Into the Sea

View from the Argo

Groove Go Round


Brown eyed luminosity

Distorted Christian

Just So Stories

After Southern Flight

I Find You

You I Have

Space Algae

Get Up and Be

Shadow from the Sun

This is a Space Communication

Tomorrow with the Rising Sun

Got Your Music

Natural High

Saturday Expressin’

Emotive Sound


No Doubt About it

My Heart’s Desire

The Repeats

Song for the Buoyant Life

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